The internal gear hub is more popular for leisure riders due to its advantages. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as e-bikes, e-cities, children's bikes, and folding bikes. Compared to the traditional derailleur, our Lofandi internal gear hub has a great improvement in design and functions.

The Lofandi internal gear hub adopts a patented design, breaking the perennial monopoly of foreign technology. It has not only gained wide recognition in the domestic and overseas markets, but also took the lead in the industry in passing the intellectual property implementation system certification. It means that the Lofandi internal gear hub has a strong patented protective wall, demonstrating the national strength.

Secondly, our Lofandi internal gear hub has a fully sealed design and is maintenance-free. That means riders don't need to clean and maintain as often and can enjoy their riding more. At the same time, our internal gear hubs are more precise in shifting gears and have a higher tolerance. Riders can shift gears more easily and enjoy more fun.

The Lofandi internal gear hub also has a built-in interference system. It fundamentally solves problems of out of gears and neutral. Riders no longer need to worry about shifting gears while riding and can enjoy more. Furthermore, It can keep the gear and won’t be out of range after shifting. Thus improves the stability and comfort of riding.

The Lofandi internal gear hub also has an adjustable threshold and speed. Riders can make personalized adjustments to their requirements for a more suitable riding experience. In addition, it could shift gears standard from 1 to 3 and install electronic control devices as needed to further improve the convenience and comfort of riding.

Lofandi provides customizable services such as colours, brake type, and number of spoke holes to create a unique personalized bike. It’s not only to meet the rider’s individual needs, but also enables them to show their personality and style while riding.

In conclusion, the Lofandi internal gear hub is a better choice for leisure riders. It has many advantages, including patented design, fully sealed and maintenance-free, precise gear shifting, solutions for out of gears and neutral, adjustable thresholds and speeds, cross-gear shifts, electronic controls, and customizable services. Regardless of functions or customizable service, the Lofandi internal gear hub meets the requirements of riders to bring them a better riding experience.

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