Lofandi internal gear hub shifter is a high-quality bicycle component. When we use it with a manual internal gear hub, it’s shifting smoothly and operate easily, thus providing a better riding experience for riders.

The internal gear hub is a modern bicycle transmission. Compared to the traditional derailleur, the internal gear hub is hidden and less susceptible to the external environment. The internal gear hub is usually installed into the rear wheel to achieve different gear shifts by a combination of gears. Our Lofandi internal gear hub shifter is the control device of the manual internal gear hub, and the rider can complete the shift operation by turning the shifter.

It has lots of advantages to use Lofandi manual internal gear hub and shifter package. First of all, it enables smooth shifting. Due to the design characteristics of the internal gear hub, the shift process is smoother, and there will not be out of gear or stuck. The precise control of the Lofandi internal gear hub shifter ensures the accuracy and stability of the shift, making it easier for the rider to shift gears.

Secondly, the operation of the Lofandi internal gear hub shifter is very convenient. The shifter is usually located on the handlebar, and the rider can easily finger-touch and turn the shifter to complete the shift operation. By contrast, the traditional derailleur requires the rider to reach out with his arm and turn the shifter. It is more complicated. The design of the Lofandi internal gear hub shifter is closer to the rider's habits, making shifting easier and more natural.

In addition, our Lofandi internal gear hub shifter has an excellent texture. It is made of high-quality materials, comfortable to the touch and durable. The appearance of the shifter is simple and elegant, which complements the overall style of the bicycle. Riders could not only enjoy smooth shifting and easy operation, but also feel the high quality of the Lofandi matching shifter.

In a word, the Lofandi shifter is a perfect match for the internal gear hub. It can bring a better riding experience. It allows for a smooth shift, easy operation and excellent texture. If you want to enhance the function and comfort of your bike, consider choosing our Lofandi internal gear hub shifter to make your ride more enjoyable.

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