News of the week in the global two-wheeler industry
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News of the week in the global two-wheeler industry

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Last week, a new generation of SCOTT SCALE was unveiled, including four CONTESSA SCALE models designed specifically for women. Kate Courtney of the SCOTT-SRAM team recently received her exclusive new CONTESSA SCALE RC. In livery, Courtney's SCALE RC features her name and a rainbow flag on the top tube, symbolising her previous World Cup success, while the two-tone livery scheme separates the bike into shiny iridescent purple and matte black.

Cannondale's 4th Supersix Evo spy shot. It looks like the fourth generation Supersix Evo is right, so let's break down the details of the new frame. The biggest highlight is to get rid of the cash criticized by the head tube opening inside the wire structure, instead of the bowl group inside the wire.

ASO has officially announced that the 2024 Tour de France will start in Italy. The first stop was in Florence, the first from Italy in the Tour's more than 100-year history. CX World Cup Gavere station is Peter Biao three duel and sweep the podium, van der Poole this solo win.

The National road Car Championship has resumed in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. There will be time trials and big group races in Changzhou, including men's race (men's race) of 180-220 km; (Women's Group) 120-140 km.

Yadi will participate in the CES show in Las Vegas, with plans to enter the US electric bike market. Yadi is holding a dealer conference during CES on January 5-8. It will also be the company's first appearance at CES, featuring its E-bike line.

Beyond new energy vehicles, E-bike has become the preferred means of transportation for daily travel in Germany. According to the questionnaire, the most popular way of electric travel in Germany is electric power bicycle (E-bike) with the highest percentage of votes, and the second is new energy vehicle (E-Car), which is more unexpected, because Germany has always been the car as the most important means of travel.

Cargoroo, a Dutch provider of electric-sharing freight bikes, announced in December that it had raised 10 million euros from a number of investors.  According to Cargoroo's statistics, more than 50% of car trips in the city can be replaced by freight bikes. In 95% of the time, there is no space for cars to use, and the parking of this part of the car needs to occupy 60% of the public space, and with a very prescient-looking vision, it is the first step to enter the electric sharing freight bike market.

On December 23, 2022, Taiwan Bicycle Export Trade Association of China (TBA) held the 11th first congress of its members and elected a new director and supervisor. The 368 members elected 27 directors and nine supervisors. Wu Yingjin, chairman of GUI Meng, was replaced by Zeng Songzhu, the current chairman, as the 11th chairman of GUI Meng.

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