Lofandi conducted a fire drill
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Lofandi conducted a fire drill

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In order to improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, safety self-rescue ability and self-protection awareness, learn to correctly use fire extinguishers and all kinds of fire equipment, equipment, facilities, etc., on the afternoon of December 7th, Guangdong Lofandi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Foshan Shishan Fire Squadron organized a real combat fire drill.

With the command "drill start" issued by Zheng Guanghui, chief commander of the drill and director of the delivery center, Lofandi Intelligent Technology 2022 fire extinguishing emergency evacuation drill was officially launched.

Combining fire cases in recent years, officers Liu and Yao from the fire squadron gave a profound and simple explanation on the harm of fire, the cause of the occurrence, the basic knowledge of evacuation, fire emergency and prevention, and taught how to fight the initial fire, how to organize personnel evacuation, fire self-rescue and escape methods and other common sense.

Against fire, we also need to be able to use weapons. Yao shared the key points of fire fighting equipment and demonstrated the proper use of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants.

Participants in the drill hands-on operation, everyone further familiar with the use of fire equipment and skills.

This drill let the staff of Lofandi Intelligent Technology further understand and master the knowledge of fire safety, enhance the awareness of self-prevention, and accumulate "actual combat" experience in response to emergencies. Our company will continue to focus on fire safety with high standards and strict requirements, build a safe defense line, and help the high-quality development of the two-wheeler industry.

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